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You are an expert in your field and focused on your passion, and you need to feel confident that you are choosing the right tools for your team to be successful. Email has become a primary communication tool across all industries, but to some it can feel like you need an IT degree to figure out exactly how to get started or what to do when your current email hosting is not meeting your team’s needs anymore. When it comes to setting up business email, there are endless options available, and it can be difficult to know where to start. At Atilus, your business

What type of website do you have? A personal website for blog writing and photo sharing or a business website to help grow your company or sell products? If you have a website, you need to make sure you select a hosting company that fits your needs. By the end of this brief breakdown I hope to answer any questions you might have about hosting. WHAT IS WEBSITE HOSTING? Selecting a hosting company is like selecting a neighborhood to live in. You want to be in a safe, convenient location with neighbors you can rely on. In website terms, you want a host to be secure and fast that can