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Your brand most likely operates its website on a domain with the company’s name. Or perhaps your matching domain wasn’t available. Diving deeper into the world of domains for your content marketing purposes will allow you to find helpful opportunities.

Are you planning a new microsite or content hub? Looking for custom domains for a campaign? The options can be overwhelming – what extensions should you use, how much should you pay to acquire the domain, what can you do to avoid premium prices?

Sit tight. I’m going to teach you about making smart decisions about domain extensions, what add-ons to include, and how much to budget for a domain.


If you want to ensure that your brand captures its alternative extensions or to identify a new extension related to a singular purpose, here are a few of the most popular you need to know.

  • .com is the most common top-level domain. It stands for commercial, but the authority of a .com has more to do with perception than it does its meaning. When people see it, they register it as a credible website.
  • .co is the official extension of Colombia, though, practically, .co is frequently used worldwide to signify a company or corporation.
  • is the official extension of a Zimbabwean company or corporation.
  • .org extensions are suitable for groups, organizations, charities, and more.
  • .io is a domain extension popular with startups, video games, and other online services. Many people read io as standing for input/output, but it was created for the Indian Ocean region. People are drawn to .io domains because of their brevity.
  • .net was a popular and acceptable domain extension, but I typically advise against using it because it has lost credibility as a top-level domain.

There are a ton of newer generic top-level domains (gTLD) that you can apply to your domain, too. Extensions such as .agency, .app, .coffee, and more can be specific to your industry.

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